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We are here to help cover risk of financial liability or loss of your motor vehicle in the event your vehicle is involved in a collision resulting in property or physical damages. Some states require a motor vehicle owner to carry some minimum level of liability insurance.


Protect your home and your belongings with comprehensive home insurance coverage from Roger Kreager Ins. Choose the home owners coverage options to meet your needs, we specialize in working with you during ever step of that process.


It's easy for renters to overlook the need for insurance. If the apartment or home you rent is destroyed in a fire or storm the landlord or property owner's policy only covers the structure not your personal items. In order to recover your belongings you need to have your own renters policy when catastrophe hits.


Running a business requires a lot of risk. Learn how commercial insurance can help you master the ART of risk management. Find information and quotes for Workers Compensation, Commercial Umbrella Liability, Commercial Vehicles, General Liability Insurance and more.


Protect your property from the unexpected with farm insurance. Learn about various farm family insurance offerings from Roger Kreager Ins, a leading farm insurance company. Getting farm owner's insurance is an important step on the road to prosperity.


Your acres are unique. Your crop insurance should be too. Working with the right people is absolutely important. We are here to give you that piece of mind you can count on.


In today's litigious society juries are awarding large sums to plaintiffs on a far more regular basis even for what appears to be minor accidents. Regardless of your income, the more your earning power and assets increase, the more you have to lose. That's why you need a broad range of protection - that's exactly what a personal umbrella policy provides for you beyond your liability insurance in your Auto, Homeowners, Watercraft, Recreation Vehicle and other personal insurance coverage.

Recreational Vehicles & Watercraft

Some of your favorite toys need coverage just as much as some of your most valuable possessions. Motor homes, travel trailers, watercraft, four-wheelers you name it, we can insure you against most risks of owning and operating your recreational vehicles.

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